In-line Single Filer

In-line Single Filer

The In-line Single Filer is very similar to the Rotary Single Filer, but it takes up less width than the Rotary. It is designed to take bulk product and convert it into a stream of single file product. When this machine is paired with the positive spacer or a three stage speed up section, you will be able to take the single filed product and create the proper spacing you need for your application.

The In-line single filer is also great for handling bulk product supplied to associates for manual operations. Along with ergonomic and safety benefits, this helps with the pacing of product for hand operations, such as loading cone lines and cut up lines.

The In-line single filer can also be used as a temporary buffering system for when processes downstream stop, but you can't stop the product coming from upstream.

Past uses for the In-line single filer include feeding the following equipment:

  • In-Motion Scales
  • Wrapping machines
  • Metal and Bone Detection Machines
  • Baggers
  • Vision systems

Past product that has been ran successfully on the In-line Single Filer Include the following:

  • Poultry
    • Whole Birds
    • Front Halves